students in Oaxaca, Mexico picking vegetables in field

Summer Internship: Sustainable Food Futures in Oaxaca, Mexico

The Sustainable Food Futures (SFF) Internship aims to provide innovative solutions to food security through interdisciplinary collaborations, incorporation of indigenous knowledge, and the development of a pipeline of diverse specialists with flexible skill sets in the fields of food and agriculture. 

The SFF Internship will be conducting an ethnographic field study by working alongside farmers and their families to learn about and document traditional indigenous agricultural practices and food  consumption, shifts in these practices as a result of return migration, and the impact of mezcal production on crop decision-making. 

Program Details

Dates: June 23 - July 4, 2024
Instructor: Dra. Ramona Perez
Course Credit: LATAM 450

Scholarships Available 

Application due by April 24, 2024

For More Information

Email: [email protected] or visit 


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