CLAS faculty and students tailgating


CLAS Administration and Advising

The CLAS administration team works diligently to help students obtain information about our Center’s undergraduate and graduate programs and guides students and alumni through their experience at San Diego State and beyond. They organize events, which often feature international speakers, coordinate summer programs, administer internships and scholarships, and provide constant support to students and faculty all across campus.


Ramona PerezRamona Pérez, Ph.D.
Director of CLAS & Graduate Advisor 
Office: AL-377H
Phone: (619) 594 1155
Email: [email protected]

Rebecca BartelRebecca Bartel-Núñez, Ph.D.
Associate Director of CLAS 
Office: AL-665
Phone: (619) 594-2342
Email: [email protected]

Robert GuzmanRobert Guzmán
Undergraduate Advising
Email: [email protected]


Katia AyalaKatia Ayala
Administrative Coordinator
Office: AL-377G
Phone: (619) 594-1104
Email: [email protected]

Vacant Position
Study Abroad Coordinator
Office: AL-377F 
Phone: (619) 594-1103
Email: [email protected]

Lucia CanulLucia Canul
Teaching Assistant 
Office: AL-377E
Phone: (619) 594-1103
[email protected]

Anahi MartinezAnahí Martinez
Administrative Assistant 
Office: AL-377
Phone: (619) 594-1103
Email: [email protected]

Julio RodríguezJulio Rodríguez
Internship Coordinator 
Office: AL-377F
Phone: (619) 594-1103
Email: [email protected]


Consejo Consultivo

CLAS’s Consejo Consultivo is comprised of faculty from Spanish, History, Geography, Public Health, Political Science, Anthropology, Public Administration, Public Affairs, Regional Studies, Criminal Justice and Journalism. The Consejo works to build relationships within the university, community, and government in order to expand the opportunities available to our students. The Consejo members also serve as a review committee for our scholarships.

Guadalupe Ayala, Ph.D.
School of Public Health
Office: HH-166
Phone: (619) 594-6686
Email: [email protected]

Cristina Alfaro, Ph.D. 
Department of Dual Language and English Learner Education
Office: EBA-219
Phone: (619) 594- 1354
Email: [email protected]

Stuart Aitken, Ph.D.
Department of Geography
Office: SH-302B
Phone: (619) 594-6498
Email: [email protected]

Pablo Ben, Ph.D.
Department of History
Office: AL-584
Phone: (619) 594-3784
Email: [email protected]

Fernando Bosco, Ph.D. 
Department of Geography
Office: SH-301C
Phone: (619) 594-7181
Email: [email protected]

Jerel Calzo, Ph.D.
School of Public Health
Office: HH-114G
Phone: (619) 594-1443
Email: [email protected]

Stephanie Brodine, Ph.D.
School of Public Health
Office: HT-170
Phone: (619) 594-2481
Email: [email protected]

Roddrick Colvin, Ph.D.
School of Public Affairs
Office: PSFA-178
Phone: (619) 594-2880
Email: [email protected]

Noe Crespo, Ph.D.
School of Public Health
Office: HH-143
Email: [email protected]

Shawn Flanigan, Ph.D. 
School of Public Affairs
Office: AH-4106
Phone: (619) 594-4339
Email: [email protected]

Larry Herzog, Ph.D. 
School of Public Affairs
Office: PSFA-111
Phone: (619) 594-6964
Email: [email protected]

Arion Mayes, Ph.D.
Department of Anthropology
Office: AL-413
Phone: (619) 594-4708
Email: [email protected]

William Nericcio, Ph.D.
Department of English and Comparative Literature
Office:  AL-273
Phone: (619) 594-1524
Email:[email protected]

Margarita Machado-Casas, Ph.D.
Department of Dual Language and English Learner Education
Office: EBA-248B
Phone: (619) 594-2841
Email: [email protected]

Penelope Quintana, Ph.D. 
School of Public Health
Office: HT-104
Phone: (619) 594-1688
Email: [email protected] 

Erika Robb Larkins, Ph.D. 
Department of Anthropology
Office: AL-656
Phone: (619) 594-5028
Email: [email protected]

Amy Schmitz, Ph.D. 
School of Journalism and Media Studies
Office: PSFA-348
Phone: (619) 594-3504
Email: [email protected]

Gregory Talavera, M.D.
School of Public Health
Email: [email protected]

Core Faculty, Lecturers, and Adjuncts

Our core faculty teaches courses on the history of Latin America, current issues in Latin American societies, gender and sexuality, and much more. We also collaborate with native language instructors that teach Mixtec and Zapotec, which are indigenous languages that have been preserved since colonization, but that are in danger of disappearing. The CLAS works with the Hemispheric Institute on the Americas at the University of California Davis in forming the California Consortium on Latin America Studies. The CCLAS has 341 affiliated faculty whose work spans Latin America and the Caribbean. CLAS and HIA both train students in Portuguese, while CLAS is an international leader in Mixtec, Zapotec, and Nahuatl and HIA has the largest Quechua course in the United States.

Africana Studies

Adisa A. Alkebulan, Ph.D.
Current Research: Inequality and Activism in Brazil; African diaspora in South America; Pan-African Studies; language and colonialism

American Indian Studies

Margaret Field, Ph.D.
Current Research: Navajo and Kumiai (Baja Ca) languages, literacy

Peter Nelson, Ph.D.
Current Research: Indigenous archeology; community engagement; management and study of tribal cultural resources; California Indian resistance to and refusal of Spanish, Mexican, and American settler colonialism


Matthew Lauer, Ph.D.
Current Research: Environmental anthropology, sustainability, demography, international development, political ecology, and applied anthropology; Amazonia, Latin America, and Oceania

Nicole Mathwich, Ph.D.
Current Research: Archeology; Columbian exchange; Primería Alta colonial sites


Carlos Castro, MFA
Current Projects: art, music, history and education; POPO (2000), Los Claudios de Colombia (2005- 2010) and Sudadera Vallenata (2011)


Elizabeth A. Dinsdale, Ph.D.
Current Research: Microbial and viral community dynamics in coral reefs, kelp forests and oxygen minimum zones, Chile, Brazil

Matthew Edwards, Ph.D.
Current Research: Marine ecology: scale-dependent regulation of subtidal kelp forests, impacts of large disturbances (El Nino-Southern Oscillations), Mexico, Chile, Peru

Robert Edwards, Ph.D.
Current Research: Annotation of microbial genomes; bioinformatics of random community genomes; Brazil

Kevin Hovel, Ph.D.
Current Research: Marine invertebrate conservation ecology, relationship between habitat structure and faunal survival and abundance; effects of habitat fragmentation on fauna in marine systems; crustacean ecology; larval dispersal and recruitment, seagrass community ecology; kelp forest ecology, Baja California, Mexico

Chun-Ta Lai, Ph.D.
Current Research: Biosphere-atmosphere interactions, hydrological and ecological impacts of climatic change, Tijuana Estuary

David Lipson, Ph.D.
Current Research: Soil microbial ecology, biogeochemistry, linking microbial diversity to ecosystem processes, Baja California, Mexico

Walter C. Oechel, Ph.D.
Current Research: Ecosystem ecology, effects of global change and elevated carbon dioxide on native ecosystems, especially tundra and Mediterranean-type ecosystems, Baja California, MX

Tod Reeder, Ph.D.
Current Research: Molecular ecology and evolution of amphibians and reptiles, particularly those of the southwestern U.S. and Mexico

Chicano & Chicana Studies

Victoria Gonzalez-Rivera, Ph.D.
Current Research: Nicaraguan history and Chicana/o Studies (and Latina/o Studies) with a focus on gender and sexuality

Roberto Hernandez, Ph.D.
Current Research: Urban and border violence, comparative social movements, comparative border studies, and radical political thought

Maria Ibarra, Ph.D.
Current Research: Globalization and social reproduction, (im)migration and paid domestic labor

Norma Iglesias-Prieto, Ph.D.
Current Research: U.S.-Mexican border, gender, and film studies; border cultural production; and visual arts.


Ryan Abman, Ph.D.
Current Research: environmental and natural resource economics, applied econometrics, political economy, economics of deforestation and conservation policies.


Cristian Aquino-Sterling, Ph.D. 
Current Research: Bilingual teacher education theory, curriculum and pedagogies devised for P-12 teachers working with linguistically diverse students or bilingual/dual language schools.


Thais Alves, Ph.D.
Current Research: Construction management, production planning and control process in architecture, engineering, and construction projects in Brazil

Victor M. Ponce, Ph.D.
Current Research: Water resources, hydrology, hydroecology, sustainable irrigation, groundwater, global warming, projects in Mexico, Brazil, Peru, and Argentina

Julio R. Valdes, Ph.D.
Current Research: Geotechnics, PI for SDSU Chapter of Engineers Without Borders, clean water project in Honduras


Trent Biggs, Ph.D.
Current Research: Socioeconomics of sediment production in Tijuana, water and water rights in Mexico

Thomas Herman, Ph.D.
Current Research: Assessing youth development outcomes in neighborhood contexts, Border youth


Paula de Vos, Ph.D.
Current Research: History of Mexico, Medicine in Latin American history

Hospitality and Tourism Management

Vinod Sasidharan, Ph.D.
Current Research: Global tourism trends, sustainable tourism, geotourism, ecotourism, and recreation behaviors.  Dominican Republic, Nicaragua

Alana Dillette, Ph.D.
Current Research: eco-tourism; Sustainable tourism; Bahamas

Journalism and Media Studies

Nathan Shae Rodriguez, Ph.D.
Current Research: identity negotiation of LGBTI refugees/asylees in the U.S.

Language Acquisition Resource Center

Evan Rubin, M.A.
Current Research: Indigenous languages of Mexico

Latin American Studies

Robert Guzman, M.A.
Current Research: Military tactics and strategy in Mexico:  From Pre-Columbian societies to the Mexican revolution, history of Mexico, Mexican Independence, and Latin American heritage.


Zoe Jarocki, M.S.
Reference Librarian for Latin American Studies


Kevin Delgado, Ph.D.
Current Research: Cuban Percussion

Marian Liebowitz, Ph.D.
Current Research: Improving arts administration practices in Latin American countries



Philip Greiner, Ph.D.
Current Research: Older adults, community based participatory research, Nicaragua

Political Science

David Carruthers, Ph.D.
Current Research: Mexico, US/Mexico border, environmental justice, indigenous movements, sustainable development

Kristen Hill-Maher, Ph.D.
Current Research: International migration, nationalism, politics of race, ethnicity and gender, US/Mexico Border

Cheryl O'Brien, Ph.D.
Current Research: Comparative public policy, women and politics, policy and norms diffusion, human rights, human security, social and environmental justice. Brazil, Bolivia, Chile, Nicaragua.

Public Affairs 

Salvador Espinosa, Ph.D.
Current Research: Budgetary impact of federal transfers in Mexico, Fiscal decentralization, public financial administration and regional development

Esperanza Camargo, Ph.D.
Current Research: prevalence of family violence in various cultures, gender inequality and violence against women tied to migration, juvenile gangs, homicide, urban violence, human rights, Mexico, US/Mexico Border

David Jancsics, Ph.D.
Current Research: Border corruption on the US-Mexico border. White-collar crime, organized crime, post-communism, and information practices

Public Health

Elva Arredondo, Ph.D.
Current Research: Health disparities, cancer and obesity prevention, faith-based organizations, Latino communities, Baja California

Richard Gersberg, Ph.D.
Current Research: Transboundary water pollution concerns for the U.S. -Mexico border, including the Tijuana River and New River watersheds

Thomas Novotny, M.D.
Current Research: Environmental impacts of tobacco use, the susceptibility to smoking initiation among young Chinese women, the interaction between tuberculosis and smoking, and health diplomacy, US Mexico Border, Brazil


Jill Esbenshade, Ph.D.
Current Research: Migration, labor studies, Central America

Enrico Marcelli, Ph.D.
Current Research: Neighborhoods, networks, and access to health insurance and care among Brazilian immigrants in the Boston metropolitan area; geographies of change in California

Norma Ojeda, Ph.D.
Current Research: Reproductive health of Mexican women and Latinas and population on US-Mexico Border

Social Work

Maria Zuniga, Ph.D.
Current Research: Access to care, migration and health, substance use and mental health, HIV prevention, medication adherence, transnational research, Mexico, Brazil

Spanish and Portuguese

Mario Martin-Flores, Ph.D.
Current Research: Mexican novelas

Matias Beverinotti, Ph.D.
Current Research: 20th and 21st century South American Literature and Film, Cultural and Political Theory, and Continental Philosophy 

Rosalva Alamillo, Ph.D.
Current Research: Spanish as a Heritage Language; the intersection of the social environment, language acquisition and language use; linguistic outcomes due to language contact; and language pedagogies

Women's Studies

Irene Lara, Ph.D.
Current Research: Latina Health, curanderas, spirituality and healing, seuxuality and the body, women of color feminism



Oscar Grajeda, Ed. S.
Current Research: Bilingual School Psychology

Ruben Sanchez, Ed. S.
Adjunct Professor
Current Research: Bilingual Education and Psychology

Latin American Studies

Jair Amaral-Filho, Ph.D.
Adjunct Professor
Current Research: Brazil, Economy

Steffan Ayora-Diaz, Ph.D.
Adjunct Professor
Current Research: Politics of Mexican Cuisine

Marcos Cruz Bautista, M.A.
Adjunct Professor, Permanent Mixteco Instructor 
Current Research: Ethnomathematics of the Mixteco ethnic group

Maria del Rosio Barajas, Ph.D.
Adjunct Professor, SDSU, Professor, Colegio de la Frontera Norte
Current Research: Gender, borderlands, U.S./Mexico Border; sociology

Juan Julian Caballero, Ph.D.
Adjunct Professor, Permanent Mixteco Instructor 
Current Research: Mixtec language studies

Jorge Carrillo, Ph.D.
Professor, El Colegio de la Frontera Norte
Current Research: Borderlands; U.S.-Mexico cooperation

Norah Schwartz, Ph.D.
Adjunct Professor SDSU, Professor Colegio de la Frontera Norte
Current Research: Environmental risks and health, child health: asthma, obesity related to socio-structural factors, and women, migrants, and agricultural workers in Baja California, Mexico

Nora Strejilevich, Ph.D. 
Adjunct Professor SDSU
Current Research: Holocaust and genocide studies; South American dictatorships; collective memory

Gabriela Vargas-Cetina, Ph.D. 
Adjunct Professor SDSU
Current Research: anthropology; politics of representation; Universidad Autónoma de Yucutan; anthropology of music

Tomas Villalobos Aquino, B.A.
Lecturer, Permanent Zapotec Instructor 
Current Research: Narratives of the Zapotec Pueblo

Political Science

James Samstad, Ph.D.
Current Research: Latin American Politics, Comparative Politics

Public Health

Francisco Bastos, MD, Ph.D.
Adjunct Professor, Senior researcher at Fundação Oswaldo Cruz, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Current Research: substance dependency in Brazil; HIV/AIDS prevention and management

Andrea Morales Cascaes, Ph.D.
Adjunct Professor, Assistant Professor Universidade Federal de Pelotas, Brazil
Current Research: life cycle approaches to oral health; psychosocial determinants of oral health

Sheila Castaneda, Ph.D.
Adjunct Associate Professor, Core Investigator, South Bay Latino Research Center
Current Research: community-based health organizations; cancer and chronic disease disparities in Latino/a communities

Michael Grillo, Lecturer
Current Research: HIV/AIDS prevention; Latin America

Leticia Ibarra, MPH
Adjunct Professor
Current Research: social determinant of health; Latino/a health

Carlos Manzano, Ph.D.
Adjunct Assistant Professor
Current research: University of Chile; environmental determinants of health; socio-economic and environmental justice

Esmeralda Iniguez-Stevens
Current Research: detection and response to infectious incidents and threats in the border region; cross-border exchange of information; binational infectious disease outbreak; HIV/AIDS

Hector Lemus, Dr.PH.
Biostatistics, Adjunct Professor
Current Research: Oral health in Hispanic populations; Trauma in undocumented migrant populations

Valeria Rolla, MD, Ph.D.
Adjunct Professor
Current Research: Infectious diseases; HIV/AIDS in Brazil

Paula E. Stigler Granados
Adjunct, Assistant Professor
Current Research: environmental health risks in tribal and indigenous communities on U.S./Mexico border; waste-water

Associated Faculty, Lecturers, and Adjuncts

Our associated faculty is comprised of interdisciplinary professors from across disciplines who teach Latin American content in their classes. In addition, we often invite visiting professors from other universities to teach classes at SDSU. Due to our transnational focus, CLAS is also the home of research associates from other institutions in the U.S. and Latin America who visit our campus to conduct research.


Todd Braje, Ph.D.
Current Research: Archeology of Coastal Californias

Elisa Soho, Ph.D.
Current Research: AIDS/HIV, cultural health issues, Caribbean


Kerrianne Quick, MFA
Current Work: traditional and digitally driven making with ethnographic and sociological research to consider source, geography and material specificity


Robert Pozos, Ph.D.
Current Research: Physiological studies on temperature regulation and oxygen transport and educational studies dealing with effectiveness of web-based education to undergraduate students, Spanish translation of text and materials for Biology, Director of MIRT, TRIO Program

Chemistry & Biochemistry

John Love, Ph.D.
Current Research: Protein design and engineering; Redesigning, mutating and driving small proteins to self-assemble into complexes of specific structure, Mexico

Chicano & Chicana Studies

Maria Butler, MA, Lecturer Emerita
Current Research: Immigration and the role of immigrant women in the United States Richard

Richard Griswold del Castillo, Ph.D., Emeritus Professor
Current Research: Border issues, Chicano history, human rights movements, history of Chicano movements in the United States

Michael Domínguez, Ph.D.
Current Research: Schooling experiences of Chican@ youth: identity construction, socio political development and activism, racialization, affect, community, and family ingenuity

Emily Hicks, Ph.D.
Current Research: Postcolonial studies, border theory, literary theory, Chicana literature, Chicana feminist theory, Rock en Espanol, rights discourse, and complexity theory

Isidro Ortiz, Ph.D.
Current Research: Chicana and Chicano politics, Community organization, and educational reform

Enrique Davalos, Ph.D.
Professor, Chicana/o Studies at San Diego City College, Adjunct Professor, Latin American Studies


Patricia Geist-Martin, Ph.D.
Current Research: Narrative and negotiating identity, ideology, and control in organizations, particularly in health and illness, holistic and integrative medicine in Hawaii, Cuba, Guatemala, Mexico, Costa Rica, and in San Diego

Matthew Savage, Ph.D.
Current Research: health promotion; reciprocal violence; cross-border communication and health promotion in Tijuana


Edmund Balsdon, Ph.D.
Current Research: Labor economics, income distribution, and environmental economics, Americas


Alberto M. Ochoa, Ed.D.
Current Research: Public equity, school desegregation, language policy, critical pedagogy, student achievement, parental leadership, Mexico, Spain, China

Sera Hernandez, Ph.D.
Current Research: Educational labeling and raciolinguistic identifying, teachers' expectation of Latino students, migrant education, language socialization


Belen Hernando Llorens, Ph.D.
Current Research: Possibilities and limitations that public schooling provides for linguistically and culturally diverse students. Latin@ youth and their subjectivities as citizens in a diverse working-class public high school in Spain.

Saul Maldonado, Ph.D.
Current Research: Evaluating the intersection of language, disciplinary literacy and K-12 achievement using propensity score matching and multi-level modeling on surveys, assessments, and on observation protocols

English and Comparative Literature

Phillip Serrato, Ph.D.
Current Research: Race, gender, and sexuality in children's and adolescent literature; constructions of masculinity in children's books. Specialization in Chicano/a children's and adolescent literature


Pascale Joassart-Marcelli, Ph.D.
Current Research: Urban poverty and social justice, economic geography, migration, public policy, Border region

Fernando De Sales, Ph.D.
Current Research: Regional climate modeling, remote sensing and watershed science, land cover and land use, wildfire processes, landscape ecology, Brazil

John O’Leary, Ph.D., Emeritus Professor
Current Research: Methods of vegetation analysis, biogeography and vegetation ecology with special emphasis upon spatial and temporal patterns of species diversity, community composition, post-disturbance resilience, and habitat preferences of species

John R. Weeks, Ph.D., Emeritus Professor
Current Research: Demographics of San Diego, Migration

Journalism and Media Studies

Arthur D. Santana, Ph.D.
Current Research: Participatory media, user-generated content and online anonymity and civility, intersection of journalism, politics, social media and news coverage of Latinos

Language Acquisition Resource Center

Chris Brown, Ph.D.  
Current Research: Intersection of organizational theory and behavior, leadership, and transcultural communication


James M. Cooper, J.D.
Professor, Assistant Dean for Mission Development, California Western School of Law

Gloria L. Sandrino
Associate Professor of Law California Western School of Law

Linguistics and Asian/Middle Eastern Languages

Eniko Csomay, Ph.D.
Current Research: Applied Linguistics, corpus linguistics, spoken discourse analysis, language variation, classroom discourse, Mixtec

Gregory D. Keating, Ph.D.
Current Research: Heritage language acquisition with an emphasis on Spanish, sentence processing in monolingual and bilingual Spanish speakers

Management and Business Administration

Michael Hergert, Ph.D. 
Languages Graduate Adviser
Current Research: Business entrepreneurship in small- and medium-sized enterprises, Mexico

Political Science

Jonathan Graubart, Ph.D.
Current Research: Assessing the effectiveness of transnational human rights litigation; analyzing recent efforts by NGOs to influence the policies of international economic bodies like the WTO

Public Administration and Urban Planning

Nico Calavita, Ph.D.
Current Research: Investigation of the land value recapture systems

Public Health

John P. Elder, Ph.D.
Distinguished Professor
Current Research: Obesity prevention and control, Health issues in Latino Community, Infectious disease control in underdeveloped countries

Humberto Parada, Ph.D.
Current Research: Environmental epidemiology; cancer epidemiology; latino/a health

Elizabeth Reed, Ph.D.
Current Research: Social and economic factors influencing gender-based violence and sexual/reproductive health outcomes, including HIV/STI as well as adolescent and unintended pregnancy in the US, Latin America, South Asia, and Africa

Spanish and Portuguese

Matías Beverinotti, Ph.D.
Current Research: Recent narratives of the past and their influence on how political power is organized and legitimized during the South American "Progressive Cycle" or "Pink-Tide" (1998-Present)

Juan Godoy, Ph.D.
Current Research: Modern Peninsular literature

Juan Carlos Ramírez-Pimienta, Ph.D.
Imperial Valley Campus
Current Research: Corrido studies, US-Mexico border literary and cultural studies. Narcoculture, violence in mexican music.

Alfredo Urzúa Beltran, Ph.D.
Current Research: Discourse analysis, corpus linguistics, bilingualism, and teacher identity; second language teaching and learning, and program coordination in Mexico and the United States

Ricardo Vasconcelos, Ph.D.
Current Research: 19th to 21st-Century Luso-Brazilian poetry and prose, representations of national identity in Luso-Brazilian cinema and music

Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences

Peter Torre III, Ph.D.
Current Research: Change in distortion product otoacoustic emissions after MP3 player use, hearing loss in HIV-infected and HIV-exposed, uninfected children and adolescents, and age-related hearing loss in Latino Americans

Social Work

Lianne Urada, Ph.D.
Current Research: Community mobilization and its potential to reduce HIV/STI risk and violence among substance using females in the sex trade in Tijuana, Mexico, sex trade and sex trafficking in the Philippines, Russia, and Latin America

Women's Studies

Amira Jarmakani, Ph.D.
Current Research: Argentina; sexuality and the politics of gender

William J. Aceves. J.D., Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Professor of Law Professor of Law, appointed 1998. Director of lnternational Legal Studies, appointed 2001. Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, California Western School of Law

Justin Akers Chacón, Associate Professor of Chicano and Chicana Studies
Current Research: Migration, Racial and Ethnic Rhetoric in the US

Araceli Almaraz, Adjunct Faculty, El Colegio de la Frontera Norte

Nora Bringas Rabado, Professor, El Colegio de la Frontera Norte

John J. Crocitti, Adjunct Professor, History and Latin American Studies

Alex Hidalgo, Ph.D., Adjunct Faculty and Assistant Professor, Texas Christian University
Current Research: Mesoamerican ethnohistory, manuscript and print culture, history of collecting, sound, Iberian Atlantic, and history of cartography

Ramiro Jaimes, Ph.D., Professor, Universidad Autónoma de Baja California, Tijuana and Instituto de Investigaciones Históricas

Gabriel Martinez, Lecturer
Current Research: Zapotec language and culture

Eduardo Mendoza, Ph.D., Adjunct Faculty, Economics, El Colegio de la Frontera Norte, appointed 2001

John E. Noyes, J.D. Professor of Law and Director, International Legal Studies Program, California Western School of Law

Floria Edaena Saynes-Vasquez, Ph.D., Lecturer
Current Research: Sociolinguistics, Language and Globalization, Zapotec, Mexico

Gabriela Vargas-Cetina, Ph.D., Adjunct Faculty and Professor, Universidad Autonoma del Yucatan
Current Research: Anthropology of organization and music. Expressive culture in Canada, the United States, Mexico and Italy

Cassia De Abreu, M.Ed., Lecturer, Department of Spanish and Portuguese
Current Research: Applied linguistics