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MA/MBA in Latin American Studies and Business Administration


"I chose to be a Latin Americanist because I was personally moved by the history. Latin American history as a whole has been full of corruption, violence, oppression and descrimination. Being taught about this darkness has inspired me to bring light and positivity to that part of the world. As a Latina, I have experienced just how dark the Latin American infrastructure can be and I have always wondered how I can be proactive about helping move forward with change. With all the heart and love of my culture and my developing education, I have never been inspired more to help."

- Cristina Castro, MA/MBA


In addition to meeting the entrance requirements for the University, College of Business, and for Latin American Studies, entering students should be proficient in introductory statistics, basic economics, personal computers, including word processing and spreadsheets. In order to receive the MA/MBA degree, students must complete the following 72 units:

  • Seven core business courses (21 units);
  • Two core courses in Latin American Studies (6 units);
  • Five business courses (15 units);
  • Two business theme courses (6);
  • Six required courses in Latin American Studies (18 units);
  • MGMT 797 (Research);
  • Business Administration 799A (Thesis);
  • Students must write a thesis. Two Faculty from Business and One Faculty from LAS will serve on the thesis committee.

Graduate Students are expected to fulfill their language proficiency requirements for advancement to candidacy. Students can fulfill this requirement by completing one of the following:

  • Spanish 302 (or its equivalency) or Portuguese 401 (or its equivalency) with a grade of B (3.0) or better
  • Three units of 500-level or graduate work in Spanish
  • Pass the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) oral proficiency examination in either Spanish or Portuguese with a score of 2.0 or above

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