Pyramid in Mexico

MA in Latin American Studies

"I was confident that SDSU Masters of Arts in Latin American Studies would provide a space for me to further my academic interests in the geopolitics of Oaxaca, Mexico. The faculty I’ve been able to meet, as well as the students in my program have provided a place of educational growth that is exceptional. I only hope and encourage that every student, or prospective student, find an inclination to apply to the SDSU Center for Latin American Studies."

- Elybeth Sofia Alcantar, MA in Latin American Studies

Summary of Requirements

The MA in Latin American Studies is a 30-unit program. There are four areas that need to be completed for the degree:

  1. 24 units from three departmental concentrations
  2. LATAM 600 and LATAM 601 (6 units)
  3. Thesis or Comprehensive Exam
  4. Language Competency

Requirement Details

Students must complete 24 semester units drawn from 3 different departments (disciplines.) The primary concentration, Department A, consists of 12 units or four classes of which no more than two can be at the 500 level. Departments B and C each consist of six units or two classes of which only one may be at the 500 level.

Approved disciplines include Anthropology, Art, Communication, Economics, English, Geography, History, Latin American Studies, Political Science, Public Administration, Sociology, Spanish, Television-Film and New Media, and Women's Studies. Within these departments, please see the graduate bulletin for courses with sufficient Latin American content to be acceptable for the degree.

LATAM 600 and 601 (6 Units) are required for all students. LATAM 600 and LATAM 601 automatically satisfy the requirements of department B or C; with two additional LATAM courses they can be used to satisfy Department A.

Students have two options, either

  • A thesis (LATAM 799A) or
  • The Comprehensive Written and Oral Exam and an additional course with Latin American content (3 Units).

Graduate Students are expected to fulfill their language proficiency requirements in addition to the 30 units required for the Master's degree. Students must demonstrate proficiency in Spanish through either

  • the satisfactory completion of an oral and written examination
  • the satisfactory completion of Spanish 201 and 202 and an examination administered by the Latin American Studies program, or
  • the satisfactory completion of 3 units of 500 level and above course work in Spanish.
  • In addition, all students must satisfactorily complete either Portuguese 101, LATAM 110 (Elementary Mixtec), or LATAM 120 (Elementary Zapotec).

Download the program checklist