map of Mexico and South America with pins in it


Latin American Studies Student Organization (LASSO)

LASSO is an SDSU student organization that is open to all grade levels and disciplines. Its members are active not just in academics but in advocacy, activism, art, community service and all other arenas that raise awareness and knowledge of LAS-related topics, activities and events in San Diego and beyond. Their purpose is to gain an understanding of Latin America’s place in many academic disciplines as well as to enhance the student experience in their various degree programs through exploring the cultures and influences of Latin America. Visit their website to learn more.

Programs and Centers

The Center for Latin American Studies partners with other SDSU programs and centers, including the following:


Teaching and Community

Over a number of years CLAS has gathered a vast amount of indigenous resources to create educational materials that can be used in the community and/or classroom.

CLAS collaborates with SDSU's nationally recognized Language Acquisition Resource Center (LARC) to develop a number of innovative materials and projects, such as:

  • The Human Rights Project: This project focuses on understanding human rights issues in Latin America (Argentina, Chile, Colombia, and Mexico) by examining authentic Spanish language multinational communications and discourse. Working in collaboration with the Center for Latin American Studies, the Ford Foundation, and the Hewlett Foundation, the main objectives of this project combine two domains of inquiry: regional political studies focused on Latin America and on assessing on-line means to acquire advanced to superior level reading and writing skills through digital reading activities and computer-mediated communication (CMC) with other learners.
  • Literature of Baja California, created by Dr. José Mario Martín-Flores.